Boston Behavioral Medicine Training Program: Sample Seminar Schedule

“Principles and Techniques of Behavioral Medicine & Integrative Models of Care”

Course Directors: Amaro J. Laria, PhD & Katharine M. Larsson, RN, CS, PhD

Fall Semester  
Topic Presenter
(BBM Trainee Orientation: 1:00-3:30pm) Drs. Larsson & Laria
Introduction to Behavioral Medicine & BioPsychoSocial Healthcare Drs. Larsson & Laria
***Introductory Hypnosis Intensive Weekend Training*** (20 hrs) Drs. Larsson & Laria
Stress Management Techniques - part I Drs. Larsson & Laria
Stress Management Techniques - part II Drs. Larsson & Laria
Basic Psychophysiology Drs. Larsson & Laria
***Introductory Biofeedback 4-day Weekend Training*** (32 hrs) Drs. Larsson, Laria, Finore; other BBM staff
Mindfulness – part I Drs. Larsson & Laria
Mindfulness – part II Drs. Larsson & Laria
CBT Basics & Beyond (Part I) Miriam Adams, LICSW, ScD
CBT Basics & Beyond (Part II) Miriam Adams, LICSW, ScD
DBT (Dialectic Behavioral Therapy) - Part I Dr. Kim Faris (BBM)
DBT (Dialectic Behavioral Therapy) - Part II Kate Daly, LICSW (BBM)
Integrative Behavioral Medicine Drs. Larsson & Laria
Spring Semester  
Basic Psychopharmacology – (Part I) Dr. Larsson
Basic Psychopharmacology – (Part II) Dr. Larsson
B-Med Applications w/ Cardiovascular Disorders Dr. Laria
B-Med Applications w/ Gastrointestinal Disorders Dr. Larsson
B-Med Applications of Pain Conditions Dr. Joshua Wootton
Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms in Primary Care Dr. Larsson
Social & Cultural Factors in Pain Conditions Dr. Laria
B-Med Applications w/ Cardiovascular Disorders Dr. Larsson & Dr. Enzo Finore
Lifestyle factors Affecting Chronic Pain Conditions Dr. Larsson & Laria
B-Med Applications for Sleep Disorders TBA
*** Intermediate Hypnosis Course *** Drs. Larsson & Laria
Integrative Weight Management Dr. Laria
B-Med Applications for Eating Disorders TBA
B-Med Applications with Skin Disorders Dr. Enzo Finore & Dr. Larsson
Treatment of Sexual Disorders Dr. Alex Chinks
Collaborative Models of Care Drs. Larsson & Laria
Emotionally-Focused Treatment (EFT) w/ Couples Dr. Suzanne McCarthy (BBM)
Internal Family Systems Dr. Larry Rosenberg
B-Med Interventions for OCD Miriam Adams, LICSW
Issues in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Substance Abuse TBA
HIV Work in Africa TBA
Looking Ahead: Integrating B-Med into your Clinical Work Drs. Larsson & Laria

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